When you are looking at the magnificent landscape of Durmitor , you can not resist to think how beautiful creations nature has been built here. Special characteristic to this region is created through unique clear green-blue shades of its lakes. Because they are so impressive in their beauty, peacefulness and serenity , which they are bringing into this region dominated by sharp cliffs , by high peaks , gorges, canyons, meadows and pastures. The basis for scientific research of Durmitor lakes was given by Jovan Cvijic, our very well-known scientist , who visited almost each of these lakes while he was in Durmitor,in 1899. By his opinion those lakes are unique sign of recognition of this mountainous region. The reason for this is the fact that on the very small territory are situated those beautiful lakes. He called them ‘’mountain eyes’ and all of them are specific and recognizable. They differentiate by its formation, magnitude , by quantity of water in them, by its shape and by beautiful surrounding landscape around them. But if we regard this from our time period , the phrase ‘’too many lakes” is not suitable ,knowing the fact that they are not created once for good. Those lakes are very attractive by their clear and pure water , because lakes as people have its face and destiny path. In the continuation of the story about these beautiful lakes, you can read a story for each lake of Durmitor ,because each one is ‘’The Eye of Earth” and altogether ,they are ‘MOUNTAIN EYES’. When we are looking in them, we are measuring the depths of our soul.


When you starting your traveling from Zabljak and going into the direction of Niksic ,on the ninth kilometer of your voyage you will pass on Vrazje jezero(Devil’s lake ),which is very noticeable -known as a cradle of winged horses. It is situated on Jezersko—Drobnjak plateau ,with altitude level of 1.411 m ,and the level of depth is 10.6 m, and it is widely open to the sun. In the past, just close to this lake has been passed an old caravan route and it was connecting one between Onogost ( Niksic) and Taslidza(Pljevlja).By the legend, there is a story about a winged red –coated horse that is dwelling in the lake, and during starry nights comes out to graze and to make love with mares ,which might live on its shores .After completing the love act ,he kicks the impregnated mare in the side ,wanting that the mare never bring forth the result of the love act. Once he was not successful and impregnated mare brought forth a winged horse Jabucilo. The famous duke Momcilo was riding through air on this winged horse –Jabucilo, from Pirlitor to Durmitor. Further down the road , some five hundreds meters afar is situated Riblje jezero ( Fish Lake ).



This lake is situated on the plateau called ‘’Grcka strana’ (Grecian side), with altitude level 1.409 m and its depth is 5.5 m. The name was given according to the great abundance of fish, with especially big examples of it. By folk tales, the Italian carabinieri-which had their quarters in Zabljak, once have caught two huge trouts and they were extending from one side of road to the other side of it .On the other side of Durmitor, on its south-east side, where highland relief is transforming into lake plateau is situated ‘POSCENSKO JEZERO’ (Poscen lake).
Its altitude level is 1.487 m and its depth is 3.6 m. The lake has glacier origin , and it is situated in the cirques of village Poscenje.By the beauty of this lake and magnificent surrounding panorama of it were impressed many of passengers,writers,and scientists. From this point, going more further into the stony landscape of Durmitor , you will pass on Modro jezero( Blue Lake ).

At the foot of Durmitor ‘peak ,Sedlena greda is situated ‘Modro jezero’,on the altitude level of 1.609 m and with depth of 3.3 m. When you are looking into the colour of water, you will understand why it has got this name. The lake is not just a dwelling place of trouts but also you can see here a flock of wild ducks that are drifting across the surface of lake. Not too far away from this lake is another one called, ‘Srablje jezero’. Maybe this is the smallest one of all Durmitor lakes. The depth of it is 1.5 m. The people from Durmitor often have a bath in this lake because of belief that it is good for curing skin diseases. From this reason it has got this name. Next to those two lakes is’ Valovito Jezero’.


This is also one of the smaller lakes of Durmitor. Its altitude level is 1.695 m and its depth is 3.5 m. It has got its name from the montenegrian word ‘val’ or ‘vao’ which means a territory with a great amount of fallen rocks. When you are going further down to the central part of Durmitor you can see glacier cirque Skrka , which is the deepest and the biggest on the Balcan peninsula. Surely you have to visit in order to experience fully charm of Durmitor. Skrka is consisting of two parts : The first one is Veliko Skrcko Jezero(Big Skrka lake),which Jovan Cvijic has called ‘’green lake”;its altitude level is 1.686 m and its maximum depth is 17.2 m. The colour of water is green and it is also limpid to 8.5 this characteristic this lake is among the first within all Durmitor lakes.The second one is Malo Skrcko Jezero(Small Skrka Lake).Its altitude level is 1.711 m and its average depth is 5.9 m. Not too far away from those two lakes , in the direction of Nedajno village within Susica canyon is situated Susicko jezero.Its altitude level is 1.140m and it is one of periodical Durmitor lakes


Susicko Jezero is supplying with water from Susica river and this river have water only during spring months when the snow is melting and in this time period the lake is visible

In further continuation going to Zabljak and passing by village Mala Crna Gora and by Stuoc peak on the left side and at the very feet of Crvena Greda ,you could see Jablan jezero(Poplar lake)or Malo Jezero (‘’Small lake) as some people call this lake. But this lake is more larger and deeper than others Durmitor lakes—its depth is 8.5 m. Jablan Lake –its altitude level is 1.791 m and with its magnificent beauty this lake just more adds to the beauty of whole Durmitor. Not too far away from Jablan Lake is situated another one called Zminje lake which is situated on the very source of Mlinski potok

susica jezero

This is lake is hided deep in the forest and full of silence , it looks as reminder of lonesome and profound thoughts. It not so big lake but it is deeply fitted into the narrow, oval zone of spruce forest. It is described as ‘’ mountain eye” that through coniferous surrounding looks on Crvena greda, and other mountain peaks of Durmitor. The altitude level of lake is 1.520 m, and its maximum depth is 7.7 m.Close to this lake , is situated another one called Barno lake in the area between


Velika Poljana and village Pitomine on the east side,and village Bosaca on the west side ; It’s altitude level is 1.489 m. It is also small lake , which shores are overgrown with thick water vegetation and it is surrounded by coniferous forest. By folk tales , the water from this lake has healing characteristics, especially for skin diseases. The shade of nearby coniferous forest is the place in which the flocks of mountain goats are grazing. The maximum depth of lake is just 1 m.
Nearby, Durmitor is another lake , which is situated on the north side of mountain Sinjajevina, and it is called Zminicko Lake .Its altitude level is 1.285 m,and it has got its name by area called Zminica. On the shores, its maximum depth is from 0.3m to 0.7 m, but in the central part of the lake its depth is 3.8 m.This lake has a great abundance of different kind of wild ducks. On the other side of mountain Sinjajevina ,on its south-east side is situated Zabojsko has got its name by nearby ‘katun’ (mountain cottage) Zaboj-which was visited largely during summer months when flocks of sheep were in mountain for grazing.


The altitude level of lake is 1.477 m and its depth is 18.8 m. There are a few number of periodical lakes in this mountainous region.They are usually visible during spring and autumn when begins the season of rain. Among all of them , the most famous is Sevarita Lokva –it is near to Vrazje Lake and Riblje Lake ,and it is very similar to them, with maximum depth of 1 m. Beside of this one ,there is another one ,called Suva lokva and is situated in Poscen valley, with altitude level of 1.594 m .It is not so far away from Poscen lake ,just 1.8 km.The maximum depth of this periodical lake is just one meter.
In the central part of Durmitor , on the altitude level of 2.028 m is situated Zeleni Vir(Green vortex) and it is not too far away from the most highest Durmitor peak, Bobotov kuk ,just 1 km. Its length is 50 m, its width is 40 m and its depth is 2 m. Just 3 km from Zabljak , connected by asphalt road is Crno Jezero( Black Lake ).This is one of the biggest and the most famous of all Durmitor lakes. Black Lake is the second one by its surface of all mountainous lakes in Montenegro and it is recognizable sign of this region. .



It is situated ,on the foot of mountain peak Medvjed, which protects this beautiful lake .It is surrounded by thick coniferous forest, which altogether with Medvjed is mirroring into lake surface. During spring, when snow begins to melt just from the bottom side of Medvjed emerges source called Celina which creates huge white waterfalls that are falling directly down to the lake .The Black Lake consists of two parts:one is called Malo jezero(Small lake) and the other one,Veliko jezero (Big lake) which are separated by narrow land strip called ‘struga’.The altitude level is 1.418 m .The depth level of Malo jezero(Small lake) is 49.1 m,and the depth level of Veliko jezero(Big Lake) is 24.5 m.During summer, temperature of water in it is over 22 degrees, and this makes the lake a real paradise for swimming.

In order to fully understand this small itinerary, we recommend you strongly that one day you decide to visit this mountainous region, and to experience completely magnificent beauty of those LAKES . Believe me, dear readers, words are not enough to explain all this beauty , you have to experience it…


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