Tara river Rafting


This Tara River, the waters of which are drinkable all the way, is going to give you unforgettable moments, and quite a fantastic feeling during RAFTING.

Here, in its canyon, in the surrounding territory, the nature is the only thing that is not missing. You will see houses, the ruins of water-mills, monasteries, but also shepherds and young fawns, drinking water from the river. Sources are nearby, as white as snow, the skies as blue as flax flowers, meadows, old villages in perfect condition, smaller or greater boating places, havens, rafting places, rafters, water as pure as an eye- tear, animals and plants to take your breath away.

Bajlovica Sige Tara

Humans and nature

The fast way of living, the way a modern man is compelled to live, estranges him from mother nature: he forgets that he is one with nature, that he forms part of nature, and not nature with him. He very often forgets that we do not own pure air and crystal water, that stony ridges, animals, plants, and man, yes, man, is part of the same. The human race, makes maximum effort, and uses much of its time to destroy this very nature, lives in destroyed nature, making air polluted, not even noticing the air he breathes, not even noticing the noise he is making, the noise that is an insult to his ears… The Tara river, all along its flow, beside its strong currents has its tranquility and peace, all of which we miss so very much, and we are lifelong in search of. Descending Tara, we come back to our origins, we better understand them, and coming to the end, we never forget the path trodden.

Tara and rafting

Only through rafting the true anatomy of the canyon may be discovered, and all of its handwriting. It is the only way to see what there is to be seen, the charm and the beauty of its abundance. Rafting may give to all this its special dimension, the very personal contact to the pureness of nature. Every new kilometer, even so a meter, all along the way, gives another hue, another sight-seeing, another challenge.

It is the most beautiful and the most attractive way to see and feel all this beauty and to enjoy in the well-being, the nature’s own way, created by Mother Nature.

The rafting attractions of Tara gained Mark 4, very near to the most attractive rafting-rivers in the world – like Colorado in USA which gained Mark 5. That means that Tara can give, regarding attractions and adventure the most practically any river in the world can give.

Many agencies offer rafting in rubber boats. Arrangements can be made for a day, for two days, or even three days of rafting, the length of the passage being from 15 to 85 kilometers. If you take even the shortest rafting adventure (nothing to be said about the longest adventure) you will enjoy its ports, camps made in nature untouched, in starry nights, and that inimitable sound of water in still nights, a prerequisite for wonderful dreams.

The start is a place called Splaviste, whence you may see the Ljutica falls, the bridge over the Tara (165 meters high), the old Roman passage, Lever Tara, and than right down the river to the wild Funjic cascades and Bijele ploce, you will pass Misevo vrelo, where the canyon is deepest (1100 meters), below the Curevac peak (1650 meters), the falls of Draga river, and to the Radovan port. The part that still is to come will take your breath away by its shear beauty and the wonderful cascades – the Tepac cascades, the canyon of the Susica, the Bailovica stalactites ( a truly one-time waterfall in its own) and Brstanovic cascades. The rafting – unfortunately – is over by the Scepan polje. The one day rafting, in the length of 18 kilometers will take 2 – 3 hours, in this parts there is the maximum height difference between the starting and the ending point of the rafting. Don’t be sorry for taking the one-day rafting only! In this parts there are 21 cascades from 50 on the Tara: Brstanovac, Pecine, and especially the dangerous Vjernovac… Lunch or dinner, just beside the river, depending on the programme you have chosen, where the culinary specialties from these parts may be eaten – cream, cheese, roasted lamb, and peasant bread made under an earthenware cup will make for a wonderful ending of your rafting tour.

Down the Tara river the rafting is performed in very special rubber boats, especially made for wild waters, with eight independent air compartments making them absolutely unsinkable. Every tourist gets as a matter of fact his own lifebelt, and children get crash helmets. If it is raining you get plastic capes. But do not worry! Down the canyon very experienced guides will be by your side who know every single stone in the river bed, every bend in the river every danger imaginable. So your adventure will be wonderful, but also safe.

About the canyon

The Tara canyon is sky-diving into the depths of earth, a furrow deeply cut between sky-high mountains, one of the deepest canyons made by river erosion forces in the world, the deepest canyon in Europe, and possibly the most beautiful in the world.

The length of the Tara river is 144 kilometers, the Tara being born as the confluence of Opasnica and Verusa, giving birth, together with Piva, to the Drina river, just beside Scepan polje. The canyon is 78 kilometers long, and the canyon sides are sometimes 1300 meters high.

To see all this described by your very eyes, means coming back to something very dear and very deep in your soul, coming to visit something exceptionally rare and an unforgettable soul experience. This dream, once lived, will always come back to you, as the most beautiful picture in your whole life…

Tara awaits you!

RIJEKA TARA SUZA EVROPE / Vidikovac Ravni - Eko selo Podgora
(Rijeka Tara – Photo Vidikovac Ravni – Eko selo Podgora/ NGO MOST)


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  1. Olga Shatokhina Says:

    Dear Team,
    could you please advise any rafting or kayaking tour for May, 23-31 for a week.
    I am going to come from Russia to take part in this wonderful event:)

    Thank you in advance.

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