“Among the mountain giants of the south-Slavic countries, the most powerful and most magnificient is Durmitor.” Kurt Hassert, German geographer, (Montenegro, Volume 1: Travels)

What one could say about ancient place of rest for Gods? Those Gods from ‘Durmitor as well as those from Olympus were always aspiring to the skies and heights .When someone is looking aloft to the highest peaks of this mountain ,it really seems as if Earth is touching the sky and that bluish colour of the sky is resting on mighty shoulders of Durmitor .The names of its stone and cogged peaks ,which people from Durmitor are calling ‘’Soe nebeske or Soe bozije” are proof that mountain Durmitor is the pillar of Skies. Whenever someone looks at this mountain , it is noticeable its vivacious charm and strength. Some specific reflection of its forests, canyons and blossoming meadows are exquisite ,and it seems that nowhere but just here on Durmitor , a man can enjoy fully in precious wonders of nature .Just one look on the mighty massive of Durmitor tell us that wonderful creation of nature are awaiting here and its magnificent beauty is ever-lasting .Neither Man nor Time cannot change it. With admiration a man look at its mighty shoulders when the sun is setting and it seems as it will not never return .
And in the dawn ,when call of wilderness is noticeable through unforgettable sounds of nature and through awakening of each living creature in mountain ,you have a strong feeling that this harmonious call of the Mountain can be heard nowhere else but here ,and exactly at the moment of dawn. There is very strong similarity between Durmitor and Durmitorians and it seems that they had built towers—citadels through imitating cogged peaks of Durmitor .And you do not know which roof-tree , he is guarding more carefully: the house roof-tree in peace or the one in the Mountain during a war. Certainly you do not know whether Durmitorians were defending the face of Durmitor with guns and sabers,or vice versa ,a mountain Durmitor was defending the lives of its people with its stone ridges and bosoms.
The origin of the name Durmitor is not clearly defined .According to some its origin is romanic. Possibly,it is derived from the latin word ‘dormitorium’ i.e. from the Italian word ‘dormitorio’ or ‘dormire’-which means ‘to sleep’, because ,according to the legend –the soldiers of the roman legions ,marching by, were asking ‘Is this Mountain sleeping?’


Of course, there is another explanation which is possible much closer to the truth: the name was given by celtic tribes i.e. the celtic word :’dru-mi-tor’ means ‘water from the mountain’ .In any case ,slav tribes inherited this name while they were coming into this territory. The local population of this area are stressing the word ‘’Durmitor” on the second syllable.
Within borders of National Park ‘’Durmitor” are classified (defined) seven specific areas that are protected. This was done because of its richness and specific values of the whole territory .Those are : the primeval forest of spruce and fir in the confluence of Mlinski Potok (Mlin brook),the black pine complex in Crna poda ,Tara canyon ;Crno jezero(Black Lake),with its nearby forest,valley of Skrcka lakes and nearby area of Susica canyon ,Barno jezero(Barno Lake) with its nearby territory ,Zabojsko jezero(Zabojsko lake),with its surrounding area and the valley of Tara canyon.

Natural values of Durmitor and Tara river were twice awarded internationally. Precisely within the project ‘’The Biosphere and Man”, Tara river was inscribed in 1977,into the ecological biosphere reservation and in that way it is protected by internationally adopted conventions. The National Park ‘’Durmitor” was proclaimed as world natural good in 1980 and was inscribed into the Register of World’s Natural Heritage of UNESCO . The Durmitor mountain massive has ideal conditions for mountaineering. In a relatively small area, through strong tectonic changes is created mountainous world of magnificent and unique beauty. There are very sharp peaks ,some of them are like alpine needles(Minin bogaz,Zupci,Sohe),then others as massive domes or mighty shoulders,or some of them are cut into the ribbons(Prutas,Sareni Pasovi),then others vertically cut (Savin Kuk,Sljeme),some of them have unique colours (Medvjed),others are coloured brightly (Crvena Greda),or others are differently saddled(Sedlen greda),some have twisted shape (Uvita greda),some have rounded shape(Obla glava),some standing on lonely place(Stozina),and many others . Viewing all of them as one integral whole , they all possess formidable appearance ,with dark and light shadows ,huge and small ,but altogether are real paradise for passionate mountaineers. In the continuation it will be explained some of very well-known mountaineering tours to some of the most highest peaks of Durmitor.

BOBOTOV KUK —2.523 m

The highest peak of Durmitor is Bobotov Kuk. Climbing to this peak is not just a trophy in your mountaineering achievements ,but also an impressive adventure in experiencing the diversity of mountainous landscape in all its beauty .This especially is noticeable if you are climbing this peak from the north side ,from Zabljak. Already ,from the very starting point on the foot of mountain, you will pass through primeval forest in which is situated Black Lake . After that , you will climb a precipitous incline and passing through rugged bottom of ancient glacier,you will reach ‘’katun”(mountain old cottage) Lokvice. From here,just across Biljeg do and glacier cirque (Valoviti do ,you will reach another huge glacial cirque of Skrk, which is deep 800 m. From this point,it will take you approximately some twenty minutes to conquer this very peak.View from Bobotov Kuk is unforgettable experience .if weather conditions are favourable then it is possible to see some hundred kilometers afar: in the north is visible mountain Rudnik,then you can see Orjen and Adriatic Sea in the south ,in the east is noticeable mountain Kopaonik and on the west is Cvrsnica .Especially, very impressive view is on the chain of montenegrian mountains ,which are deeply cut with river valleys and beautiful canyons; and still surfaces of Montenegro’s mountains nearby Durmitor. Just one look on the Durmitor massive ,could reveal you all beauty in the creation of this mountain. Special and unique experience you can get while looking on the beautiful Skrcka valley and on those two beautiful lakes that are situated here in this valley. Then you can enjoy in looking remarkable figures that are created on Sareni Pasovi, and in unique view on the ridges of Zubci and on landscape scenery of Valoviti do, across over is possible to see Black lake and Jezerska plateau, if the weather conditions are good .This one-day trip surely you can not easily forget. The duration of climbing tour to this highest peak is 5 hours and 30 minutes.


Zabljak(1.450m)-Lokvice(1.800 m)- Biljegov do (1.965 m)-Valoviti do(2.080 m)-Bezimeni vrh(2.487 m)—The duration of this climbing tour is 5 hours and 15 minutes.The height difference is 1.040 m. It is hard and exhausting tour,because of crossing very rough terrain,and it is long one.If you decide to take climbing tour in the beginning of August ,you can find there in this time period snow glacier .

MININ BOGAZ –2.387 m

It is the most sharpest of all Durmitor’s peaks.The very peak looks like an alpine needle, and it has got its name by certain hunter and shepherd that had here his ambush-place.The starting point for this climbing tour is Zabljak(1.450m)—Lokvice(1.800m)-Biljegov do(1.965m)-Sagorjele ploce(2120m)-Minin Bogaz(2.387m).The duration of this climbing tour is 4 hours and 15 minutes.It is not easy tour, because of crossing very rough territory.

MEDJED—2.287 m

The Black Lake is integral part of this magnificent landscape scenery. It has become a place for walk and for bathing during summer season it is visited by numerous tourists every season. And this huge mountain peak is giving unconditionally its dark-green shadow to beautiful lake surface .The fact that this beautiful mountain spot has remained clean is one that makes happy each nature lover. For those, mountaineers which do not have a huge experience in climbing mountains with medium level of difficulty they have to be careful during climbing this mountain peak. Zabljak(1.450m)—Indjini dolovi (1.750m)—Kljestina—Mali Medjed (2.223 m)—Grebenski prelaz which leads directly to Veliki Medjed(2.287m).The duration of this tour is 4 hours.

SAVIN KUK –2.313 m

The most visited peak of Durmitor , beside of Medjed .The path that leads through the very peak has already been built in the beginning of 20 th century, because montenegrian crowned head Nikola 1 st climbed to this peak. But not just from this fact , on the other hand this peak is also very well known by the legend of Sava ‘s spring, recognized by its healing power. The following marked route is recommended: Black Lake (1.416 m)—Izvor(Spring)-Tocak(1.450 m)-Mioc poljana (1. 569 m)—Savina voda ( Sava ‘s spring)(2.212 m)—Savin Kuk(2.313m).The duration of climbing tour is 3 hours.

SLJEME -2.455 m

Sljeme is not a peak in the literal sense of its meaning, it is more a huge , chalk plateau ,with altitude level of 2.400 m and its length is 2 km .From this huge plateau are rising unevenly small uphill peaks with height around 2.455 m. Zabljak(1 .450 m)—Moticki gaj –Poljana-Korita-Panali(1.813m)—Supljika(1.930 m)—Cista strana—Vrh Sljemena(2.455m).The duration of climbing tour is 4 hours and 30 minutes. The height difference is 1001 m. It’s very strenuous climbing tour, if we regard its length and height difference.

PLANINICA –2.330 m

This is one of Durmitor’s peaks , which has become very famous viewpoint exactly in the middle of Durmitor complex. If the weather conditions are good, you can spend whole day here resting and experiencing the most beautiful landscape scenery of mountainous world. The marked tour looks like this:Zabljak(1.450 m)—Ivan do(1.470 m)—Zminje jezero (1.520 m)—Alisnica-Planinica(2.330 m).The duration of the climbing tour is around 4 hours. The height difference is 900 m.


Viewing mountainous panorama of high Durmitor , from the side of town Zabljak , this mountain peak Crvena greda ,together with Veliki Stuoc ,are closing this remarkable arch , right on the edges of Tara canyon. Zabljak(1.450 m)—Ivan do –Bosaca- Jablan jezero(1.880m )-Crvena greda (2.175 m).The duration of climbing tour is 3 hours. Walking to the Jablan lake is not too strenuous, but in the further it has moderate level of hardness, considering its length and height difference.

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