The Mountain Salvage Service

We function as a section in our PSD (Mountaineering and Sports Society) “Durmitor”. The section has a membership of some twenty younger people. In the past five years or so, individually or as a team we secured the skiing track “Savin kuk”, as well as all skiing events on that track. In this period we had to take care of some sixty important accidents, all with success. For many actions we were cited, and we got many acknowledgements. This last years our activities are not limited to winter, but are being transferred to summer months as well, many accidents needing our undivided attention. We are in a very close cooperation with the police station in Zabljak, using their experience and very often their equipment if needed. It must be said with pride that they never failed us.

Durmitor is ever increasing as a mountaineering destination, with more and more guests coming here, tourists as well as mountaineers, nature lovers and many more, every single one wishing to enjoy the beauty of our wonderful mountain. But this increase in number of tourists in the massive of Durmitor is increasing the need for help as well. Every year we send more and more young people for courses and seminars in Mountain Salvage which are organized by the Mountain Union of Montenegro and by The Mountain Salvage Service of Montenegro.

A number of our younger people is educated for the service of mountain guides. Thus, we are readying ourselves for such a service, too. We are sure that by being always present in the mountain, by readying ourselves in every respect, that we are preventing indirectly and directly possible accidents in the massive of Durmitor. Further activities are planned to be: founding of a GSS – Mountain Salvage Station – according to all international criteria, establishing close cooperation with such like organizations in our country and abroad. We are doing everything possible to educate younger people for salvage duties. We have so far full cooperation with NP “Durmitor” and with the Montenegro Police. We are planning to by equipment and technical aids for our Mountain Salvage Station.

And let me say, God forbid, in every moment, night or day, rain or sunshine, call us, for advice or help. We are here to stand by, by advice and by way of help.

Vojinovic Zoran – Saco The head of GSS and PSD


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