Tourist agencies


4 Responses to “Tourist agencies”

  1. flora pinto Says:


    I’m french. Can you explains me where i can reserve (hotel, rooms, ├ęco katun,…) for 6 persons to sleep in august in the durmitor park.
    thank you
    Flora PINTO

  2. Lenke Varsanyi Says:

    I’m organizing the honeymoon of my sister and I would like to get an accomodation for two nights in Zabljak.
    Arrival date will be 12 August 2011. Could you help me to get information about available accomodations in the surroundings?
    I would like a quiet place with parking availability and with breakfast.

    I have one more question: in Lonely Planet Guide I’ve read that it is possible to hire a mountain-bike, is it true?
    If it is still possible, how much is it for a day?

    Thank you very much for your answer in advance!

  3. sadia Says:

    please could you let me know whether there are otels avaiale near duritor nainal park from 18-21 april for three nights for three people. thanks.

  4. Marina Says:

    I’m from Russia. Last summer we had a rest in Budva, and went to the canyons. When we arrived at the canyon of the Tara River (bridge Dzhurdzhevicha), our guide said that we can book a cottage or hotel for a holiday in the park Durmitor. Could you tell how to do this, please?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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