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What one could say about ancient place of rest for Gods? Those Gods from ‘Durmitor as well as those from Olympus were always aspiring to the skies and heights .When someone is looking aloft to the highest peaks of this mountain ,it really seems as if Earth is touching the sky and that bluish colour of the sky is resting on mighty shoulders of Durmitor .The names of its stone and cogged peaks ,which people from Durmitor are calling ‘’Soe nebeske or Soe bozije”

River Tara- The tear of Europe

In the surroundings of wonderful plunging into the abysses, bellow the steep slopes sometimes more of a thousand meters deep, cutting forcibly its very way between the Bjelasnica, Sinjajevina, Ljubisnje and Durmitor mountains, flows one of the most beautiful Montenegro rivers, the TARA river. Like a cut furrow between mountain peaks, the clear- water mountain river flows, and its very waters, from time to time make for wonderful landscapes in tame and fertile valleys in which acres,

What’s really something to be recognized on Durmitor that’s something that really and rightly may be said that’s the national cuisine. International recognition, by proclaiming Montenegro as the first ecological state in the world, with Zabljak as it’s center, is more proof that the cuisine in these parts is something very special and unique.That this is really so is confirmed by the immense, from times immemorial godly surfaces covered by fat-green meadows, by richly varied and medical herbs , numerous lakes, forests, sources, that being the best proof of an untouched, pure nature. If in such areas you see cattle grazing, from which milk and meat Durmitorians make their world – famous specialties. MORE