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Visas: If you are a foreign resident you do not need a visa in condition that you enter into Montenegro directly: across the international airport situated in Podgorica (the capital city of Montenegro) , Tivat ( a town on the Adriatic coast) and Cilipi ( a town of the Croatian Republic close to Dubrovnik); across the land border transits: Debeli brijeg ( from Croatia), Vilusi ( from Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bozaj and Sukobin ( from Albania), as it is allowed come across the port border transits in Bar, Kotor, Budva and Zelenica (all of them are the seaside towns). You only need a visa for Montenegro if you go in Montenegro across the international airports situated in Belgrade (the capital city of Serbia) and Skoplje (the capital city of Macedonia). The money volute is Euro.

Arrival by airplane

If you want to come to Durmitor – Zabljak by airplane, on your service there are two international airports: in Podgorica (170 km far away from Zabljak) and in Tivat (250 km far away from Zabljak). The National Company Montenegro Airlines ( has got direct airlines from Ljubljana, Budapest, Frankfurt, Zurich, Rome, Istanbul and Belgrade.

There is also an airport in Zabljak which is used only on summers and only for helicopters, during the summer.

The Airline companies

Montenegro Airlines

The Montenegrin air transport “Montenegro Airlines”, has got its flights from the airports in Tivat and Podgorica and except the everyday flights Podgorica- Belgrade-Podgorica, flies on the international relations: Podgorica-Ljubljana-Podgorica, Podgorica-Frankfurt-Podgorica, Podgorica- Zurich – Podgorica, Podgorica-Budapest-Podgorica and Podgorica-Roma-Podgorica.
The telephones of the airline agencies:

+382 20 224 406, +382 50 224 231 – in Podgorica
+381 11 621 122, +381 11 628 002 – in Belgrade

Yugoslavian air transport (JAT)
Yugoslavian air transport (JAT) situated in Belgrade has got a regular air transport from the airports in Tivat and Podgorica.
The telephone of the airline agency:

+382 20 242 748, +382 20 244 248


One of the fastest ways to get Montenegro is from Cilipi Airport near town of Dubrovnik – 170km away from Zabljak – via Trebinje (Serbian Republic) – Vilusi-Niksic. Lines from the world’s airports are organized by CROATIA AIRLINES.


Further information on the lines to all destinations organized by the company you will get on

Arrival by ship: If you want to come by ship, you can come by ship from Bari (the port of Italy) to Bar (the port of Montenegro) considering that Montenegro is connected with the world across the port Bar. You can travel from Bar to Mojkovac by train (Mojkovac is a small town that is 71km far away from Zabljak) and from this town there is the bus line to Zabljak. You also can come from the Port of Dubrovnik, and then via Trebinje (Serbian Republic), Vilusi-Niksic, to Zabljak (170km).

Arrival by car or bus: The whole length of the roads in Montenegro is 5.174km. Two most important road directions in Montenegro are the Adriatic main road from Igalo to Ulcinj and the main road direction Petrovac (the seaside town) – Podgorica – Kolasin – Bijelo Polje – the border of Serbia. This second direction connects the north and the south of Montenegro. If you are in Dubrovnik (Croatia), then you can use road Trebinje (Serbian Republic) -Vilusi-Niksic – Zabljak. (170km)

You can travel by car or by bus from Podgorica to Zabljak along the main road across Niksic (the place famous after the well-known beer “NIK”) and the length is 139km. You can travel from Podgorica to Zabljak along the other main road direction across Kolasin (the mountain tourist place) and Mojkovac, through the gorgeous canyons of the rivers Moraca and Tara and the length of this road direction is 170km. If you travel by car or by bus from Serbia you can use two road directions: the first one leads across Prijepolje ( the border place) and Pljevlja and its length is 98km and the second one leading across Mojkovac and its length is 71km.


AMS Crne Gore International Alarm and Information Center:
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Tel: +382 20 244-467 ; 9807 and +382 20 11, 401-699 ; 9800 – 25 lines

The bus transport

There are Belgrade -Zabljak, Zabljak – Belgrade; Podgorica – Zabljak, Zabljak – Podgorica; Niksic – Savnik- Zabljak, Zabljak – Savnik – Niksic; Pljevlja – Zabljak, Zabljak – Pljevlja;

For the detail information address to

Bus station in Belgrade ————————phone: +381 11 636 299
—-/ /——-in Mojkovac ———————- phone: +382 50 72 247
—/ /——–in Niksic ————————–phone: +382 40 214 510
—/ /——–in Pljevlja————————-phone: +382 52 23 040
—/ /——–in Podgorica———————-phone: +382 20 620 430
–/ /———in Prijepolje ———————-phone: + 381 33 24 085
–/ /———in Zabljak ————————phone: +382 52 61 318

Arrival by train: If you decide to travel by train, you can find the nearest railway station in Mojkovac 71km far away from Zabljak. The railway station is on the railway Belgrade-Bar.

Railway station in Belgrade ——————–phone: +381 11 636 493
——-/ /———–in Mojkovac —————-phone: +382 50 72 130
——/ /————in Niksic ——————phone: +382 50 214 473
—–/ /————-in Podgorica ————–phone: +382 50 633 633
—–/ /————-in Prijepolje —————phone: +381 33 22 094


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